Branded merchandise is a subtle yet savvy way to draw attention to your brand, Intergrating your logo with your customers day to day llives allowing them to subliminally link your business with all manner of actions.

At Tradebranding we dont believe it's fair to have to buy large quantities of an item to justify a reasonable price.  We work on the premiss that you buy only what you need.  Being a small family run business gives us the flexibility to be able to offer this type of bespoke service., developing products we get asked for and allows us to build relationships with individual trades people from across  differrent industry sectors. 

We try to work to the same high standards as you do for your customers. 





30 x Small domed stickers

30 x Medium domed stickes

10 x Large domed stickers

40 x Type A1 Service reminder labels with installed date

40 x Type A2 Service reminder labes

40 x Type A3 Gas check reminder

10 x Type F1 5yr service record with installed date

10 x Type F2 Mini 5yr serice record with installed date

10 x Type C Service label with Co reading

20 x Type D1 Boiler Warranty/ Guarantee (wording optional)

20 x Type D2 guarantee label

10 x Type G ID warning label

10 x Type H Gas meter warning triangle

10 x Type I Boiler compartment warning label

40 x Type J Inhibiator added label

10 x Type K Electrical bonding warning label

Includes p&p 






50 x Small domed stickers

50 x Medium domed stickers

36 x E1 Periodic inspection labels

36 x E2 RCD labels

36 x E3 Circuit detail labels

36 x E4 Mixed cable labels

20 x E5 230v labels

20 x E6 400v labels

20 x E7 No provision for earth warning labels

6   x E8 Electrical connection warning labels

30 x E9 P.A.T labels

5   x E10 Blue meter box keys

10 x E11 Plain flat business label

5   x E14 5mtr tape measures

Includes p&p




25 x Branded Brass Radiator Keys

25 x Small Domed Stickers 

28 x Medium Domed Stickers

28 x Type A1 Service labels with date of install

28 x Type A2 Service labels

28 x Type A2 Next Gas check labels

16 x Boiler Warranty/Guarantee (optional wording) labels

10 x 5yr Service combination labels 

10 x 5yr Service record with install date

10 x 5yr Small service record with install date

10 x ID warning labels 

10 x Gas meter warning triangles

10 x Boile compartment warnig labels

40 x Inhibitor added labels 

1   x 5mtr tape measure

 Includes P&P




25 x Small domed stickers

25 x Medium domed stickers

72 x Type E1 Periodic inspection labels

72 x Type E2 RCD labels

70 x Type E3 Circuit detail lables

16 x Type E4 Mixed cable labels

20 x Type E5 230v warning lables

20 x Type E6 400v warning labels

20 x Type E7 No provision for earth

6   x Type E8 Safety electrical connection

30 x Type E9 P.A.T labels

5   x Type E10 Meter box keys

10 x Type E11 Business details lablel.

1   x Tyee E 14 Eight mtr tape measure.



Simply email your company logo and the contact information you would like using, to us at for a free online sample. Nothing is printed without your approval. Once approved we make them up, invoice you and send them out once the invoice is paid.

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